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Pesaro and its outskirts:

between the seaside and the town

No idea of what to sightsee in Pesaro? The hinterland of Pesaro is full of unique marvels, which portrait a deep love for Italian history.
Little far away from Hotel Caesar you’ll find the center, which is easy to reach by bicycle or on foot. Here you will relive the past and learn about the great deeds and endeavors of the rulers of this enchanting soil: The Rossini Theater, Rocca Costanza of the Sforza dynasty, Mosca Palace – Civic Museums, The sound arch – Musical Museum, The Rossini National Museum. Pesaro and its outskirts suspended between the seaside and downtown, absolute relax and lofty culture, will make you live precious moments and unique discoveries. All this and much more forms a good part of Pesaro’s attractions. 

Pesaro and its

boundless sea

What to sightsee in Pesaro and nearby? At Hotel Caesar you will find the sea with its soft and burning sand that will tickle your feet while you run towards the café to enjoy a fresh ice cream or a yummy drink, and the perfume of salted water that stings your youngest kids’ eyes. Your children will be hunting hidden treasures and looking even into the abysses, while the sun caresses your skin and embraces it warmly!

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Discover the cultural




Civic Museums

hotel caesar pesaro territorio teatro rossini cultura

Built in 1637 as the Teatro del Sole, the Teatro Rossini hosts world-class musical and sporting events. The Teatro Rossini is also home to Italy's oldest non-professional theater event, the Festival Nazionale d'Arte Drammatica, which has been held continuously since 1948 in the city of Pesaro.

hotel caesar pesaro territorio rocca costanza

It is right in the heart of today's city, just a step away from Piazzale Matteotti, that the majestic Rocca Costanza rises, almost as if to remind the many Pesaro residents who pass through the streets of the center every day of its glorious past.

hotel caesar pesaro territorio musei civici

An imposing historical building in the heart of the city center just a few steps from Piazza del Popolo. In the summer of 2013, the Civic Museums of Pesaro presented to the public the renewed structure, the result of a complex restructuring that has transformed them into a modern cultural center to be experienced.


Viale Trieste,
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